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Scott Gatz - Q.Digital (Founder and Chief Executive Officer)
Scott Gatz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Q.Digital. Scott is passionate about building compelling digital products for large audiences and has done so throughout his career. Scott founded GayCities with the hope of changing LGBTQ media for the better. He has led the company through several acquisitions, significant organic growth and created engaging offerings to help brands connect to the LGBTQ media. Today, with over 7.5 million monthly unique visitors Q.Digital is a leader in LGBTQ media and its fast growth continues.
  - Website: www.q.digital

Conference Presentations

May 18, 2016
03:30 PM
03:50 PM

Breaking Through to LGBTQs with Branded Content

These days we discover most content we read from social shares [particularly if you a Millennial]. With this in mind, publishers have learned how to create compelling, highly shareable content. Learn how to leverage that expertise to reach LGBTQ consumers and their friends.

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