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Oriol Pamies - Interacting Technology / Moovz (VP Business Development)
Oriol is an entrepreneur and prominent LGBT influencer. As part of his role as VP Business Development at Interacting Technology, he helped found Moovz, a LGBT social network that aims to create a supportive and respectful global community. With more than 1.2M users around the world and specially growing rapidly in the US, Moovz has been the perfect space to develop innovative marketing strategies that make him a key expert when it comes to connect leading brands with the evolution of the digital world.
  - Website: www.interactech.com

Conference Presentations

May 18, 2016
04:10 PM
04:30 PM

The next generation of Online LGBT Marketing: Micro-targeting

It’s a fact that companies start to really understand how crucial is to start marketing towards the LGBT community. The question is how? While traditional banner campaigns are certainly a good option, marketers keep challenging their minds to deliver their offers in a more unique and engaging formats. This session will explore the power of branded content, the importance of real time B2C interactions and how it’s possible to lead online communities to discuss around topics related to the products we want to deliver.

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