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Nick Suell - INTENT & IMPACT Co. (Founder)
Nick Suell is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur that built a Grammy award-winning talent management company and a boutique digital branding/tech company. Nick returned to Los Angeles after attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and immediately began co-producing several of Los Angeles' premiere film festival [AFI presented by AUDI, Turner Classic Movies, Outfest, etc.] and creating media content for big brands like AT&T, Southwest, and Absolut Vodka prior to taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

After having managed recording artist, songwriters, and touring musicians for seven years, in March of 2016 Suell began reprioritizing professionally to maximizing resources and talents to focus on a contribution and problem solving on a higher and much more impactful level. “I now get to focus on solving grand challenges and ‘scaling good’ on a global scale.” Immediately after transitioning from the entertainment business, Suell began working on Peter Diamandis’ $15M Global Literacy XPRIZE [xprize.org] with an international team, speaking to schools and startup on intentional inclusion & exponential thinking.

As a Social Engineer, Suell is currently developing a local ecosystem of entrepreneurs to solve grand challenges, speaking to the masses about unique insights about social paradigms, and advising for startups. “Speaking about exponential ideas and third-space paradigms is my passion. Ushering in a new social paradigm is my calling. In addition to developing ideas that matter, I’m also an advisor for startups. My goal is to impact 1 billion people.”

Conference Presentations

LGBT New Media Symposium - May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017
09:30 AM
09:50 AM

A New Social Paradigm- navigating new narratives in media

Join me for a insightful look into navigating new narratives in this new social paradigm. A New Social Paradigm- Navigating New Narratives in Media a is a framework for understanding what are paradigms and how they play out in media. This talk is designed for anyone wanting to be a part in leading-edge conversation on developing and sourcing content that moves the needle.

Topic covered seamlessly:
  - Social Media
  - Disruptive Media
  - Genuine Connection
  - A new social paradigm
  - Creating & navigating new narratives
  - Crowdsourcing content [By us for us]

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