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David Karraker - Campari America (Vice President, Marketing - Consumer Engagement & Advocacy)
In his role at the US division of Gruppo Campari, the world’s sixth-largest premium wine and spirits company, Dave’s days are focused on creating consumer relationships through engagement, sharing, conversation, and education – all of which leads to advocacy. His duties cover experiential, public relations, social media, events, licensing, philanthropy, influencer relations and celebrity marketing. Campari America’s 30+ brand portfolio features SKYY Vodka, Wild Turkey, Appleton Rum, Espolòn Tequila, Aperol, and, of course, Campari. Dave has more than two decades of marketing and communications experience working on some of the world’s most engaging brands, including Sony, Virgin, Martha Stewart, Stoli, Maker’s Mark, Microsoft, Kmart and Sega. Dave was responsible for the communications strategies for the high-profile launches of Sony PlayStation 3, Kmart’s e-commerce division BlueLight.com, and Sega Dreamcast, as well as multiple products in the spirits industry. A former television reporter for NBC and CBS, his most humiliating moment came from his appearance on Wheel of Fortune…he didn’t win.

Conference Presentations

May 19, 2016
09:50 AM
10:10 AM

From Go Go Boys to Altars: The Evolution of LGBT Spirits Marketing

Could the Millennial and Generation Z spell the end of scantily clad shot boys and girls? Learn how long-time LGBT supporter SKYY Vodka ditched the short shorts to stand behind cause marketing in bars, addressing a shift in consumer perceptions and attitudes. Cause Marketing is a critical element in the marketing mix with Millennials and Generation Z. “More of the Same” doesn’t cut it any longer. “Skin-focused” marketing is a relic of the 80’s and 90’s. Don’t be afraid to change with the times, particularly when your competition isn’t. LGBT Cause Marketing is more than just sponsoring the GLAAD Awards. It means using your resources and reach to amplify a message – to drive change.

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