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Michael Wood - GPJ (Senior Creative Director)
My goals are simple. Explore. Create. Change. Lead.
Creative instigator. Idea generator. Thoughtful. Strategic. Insightful. Inspiring conviction and passion to rethink and reshape the B2B and B2C experiential marketing landscape – one client at a time.

What’s the secret to Michael’s success? “I fully embrace the right side of my brain” he says. “Let your creativity run free and follow your intuition. That’s what leads you to great work.”

Michael’s leadership has helped shape award winning experiential programs for clients including P&G, Kraft, Diageo, Skyy Campari, Verizon, and TD Bank. Now at GPJ, Michael’s intuition leads him to the development of highly acclaimed work for IBM, Dun & Bradstreet, Samsung, Salesforce, WestRock, EMC, Under Armour, and more.

When he’s not thinking about how to push projects to be bigger and bolder, he can usually be found with his husband and their dog in the great outdoors – camping, kayaking and hiking, or using his world-class cribbage skills to fleece an unsuspecting player or two [watch your wallet when he pulls out his board). But work is never far from Michael's mind. “I love bringing brands to life – quite literally. It’s my passion. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”
  - Website: www.gpj.com

Conference Presentations

May 19, 2016
11:30 AM
11:50 AM

Get Some Skin in the Game – Experiential Marketing Matters More than Ever

Seeing a concert online, or front row? Sealing the deal with a conference call, or a handshake? Exactly. Are you ready to get real? Real world. Real time. Real face-to-face… live… no safety net marketing. Come see shining examples of experiential marketing fueling growth with the LGBT market and learn how you too can connect [and cement) the dots to your social, digital, PR and advertising channels. Learn about brands embracing this idea and how their customers are rewarding them with business. Ready? Let’s connect live, and start putting experiential into action ASAP.

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