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Agenda Schedule - May 16, 2017






May 16, 2017


Matt Skallerud - Pink Banana Media
Matt Skallerud

Pink Banana Media


LGBT Destination Marketing - Tips & Techniques for 2017
We’ll be touching on the key topics of micro-targeting the LGBT traveler online via banner ads and Facebook, as well as delving in the world of LGBT travel bloggers and influencers. We'll show you how you’re able to target your specific traveler using programmatic advertising technology, and we’ll touch on the integration of an ad campaign such as this with social media and how it can incorporate blogs, photos and videos about LGBT travel to your destination, utilizing the same targeting power as well. We’ll also discuss the role of LGBT influencers, and how some of their social media activity can be leveraged to enhance and drive LGBT travel to your destination.

Our case study this year will focus on the work we're doing with our partner, GayDesertGuide.com and the #ILoveGayPalmSprings Project.


  • Learn how to identify and engage with potential influencers in your region, focused on the LGBT travel world.
  • Learn how to strategically target your LGBT traveler demographic using banner ads and Facebook ad targeting
  • Better understanding of how the wide variety of social media tools can be used in an online LGBT tourism marketing campaign, including Twitter and Instagram.