inQ: An inQubator for Queer Thought Leadership - May 19, 2017

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Conference information:


This interactive program brings together LGBTQ+ thought leaders from across the sectors and living at the intersections to deliver a leading edge, experiential event.

Advance your knowledge and expand your peer group by learning from LGBTQ+ Thought Leaders, sharing experiences and ideas in the areas of business, the arts, social impact / policy, well-being and technology.

This 4-hour session aims to >>>>

  • Curate and highlight LGBTQ+ thought leadership in an entirely new way
  • Drive the success of our Queer communities by developing them personally, professionally and beyond
  • Create a unique opportunity to network with a new peer group of high achieving go-doers and do-gooders
  • Walk away with tools and strategies that facilitate change and growth in your life and your community

It’s time to STEP INTO InQ! >>>>
Through physical, intellectual, and emotional mastery, our dynamic community of thought leaders embrace a lifetime of learning and transformation.

$45 Main Event [10a – 12p]
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