Talent in Modern FinTech - May 16, 2016

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James Felton Keith


  • James Felton Keith - oSTEM  
  • Matt Skallerud - LGBTWeekNYC

Nick Toro

Key Note Speaker

    Nick Toro, Director of IT Strategy & Architecture - Credit Suisse


  • Alex Berg, Multimedia Journalist - Huffington Post

Nathan Richardson


  • James Felton Keith, COO - Accrue.com, an IBM backed predictive analytics company for finance.
  • Husani Oakley, CTO - HelloGoldBean.com, a financial robo-advisor for beginners.

    Steve Hook

  • Nathan Richardson, CEO - Trade.IT, a trading app for investors with brokerage accounts.
  • Steve Hook, Managing Director and CIO, Global Markets Technology - Credit Suisse

Husani Oakley

Financial technology, also known as FinTech, is a line of business based on using software to provide financial services. Financial technology companies are generally startups founded with the purpose of disrupting incumbent financial systems and corporations that rely less on software.

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Alex Berg

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [oSTEM] is a national society dedicated to educating and fostering leadership for LGBTQA communities in the STEM fields. The national society has been built by students, for students. They started as a single chapter in 2005, and today encompass more than 50 chapters across the country.

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